Monday, March 19, 2012

Diary of Anne Frank

First, I must start with something profound that Will said last night while watching TV.

Will: Hmmm, that is interesting.
Me: What?
Will: I'm watching a documentary on Nazi know me and Helen Keller.

(a long pause)
(weird look and big laugh from me)

Will: I mean Anne Frank.
Me: I'm going to write that down so that I do not forget that.

In other news: 
Will has been gone to Honduras all week so I got to dog sit, shop, read and sleep at my parent's house. It was a nice Spring Break and ended too soon.

Sweet Maddie, Maggie and Will welcoming home their daddies.
Me and Will. He didn't have any kids that ran to
hug him when he came out of the gate, so I did. 

I got to do plenty of facebook stalking, 1. because it was my main source of information for what Will was doing and 2. I didn't have anything else to do. While facebooking, I found this group that my friends and I created on facebook our freshman year of college. It was in honor of a sweet old woman who worked in the Bean at ACU. It was called "Ruuuth!!" Apparently, it still exists on facebook and with this new timeline thing the page looks a little different. The admin's pictures are on the top of the page. This is what I found: 

Look, how sweet. All the girls and their significant other....then there is me. With a pig. REALLY??!?

Then I go to look at the members. There are only four. HA. Just the four of us. I promise there were more members 7 years ago.  

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