Thursday, March 8, 2012

Our life in bullet points

Cause that is all the time and energy I have:

  • Will and I have been co-habitating as college room mates these past couple of months. We are so busy, it is to the point that we have had people question our relationship. 
  • We are doing just fine. He's even taking me on a date tonight...for the first time in...uh since the last post. 
  • Yesterday I had a mid-twenties moment. Will had a small child sitting on his lap during worship last night at church and I could just FEEL the "when is she doing to have a kid" tension in the room. 
  • The answer to that is............not any time soon. 
  • I found a bird, dead, on my stoop. Apparently he ran into the glass door. And I took a picture. I was thinking about putting duct tape around its head like Dumb and Dumber but decided the germs living on a dead bird would send my anxiety over the edge. 

  • Play number 2 of the year is almost done. So Will can reclaim his shoes and other house hold items I gather for props. 
  • Play number 2 of the year is almost done so that means I have to start doing laundry and cleaning the house. 
  • This conversation actually happened at our house last night: 
    • We frequently joke about Will's "First Christmas as a Married Couple" gift to me. A little back ground information. The first year we were married he was a full time minister, I was a full and a half time 1st grade teacher at an awful school with a few tyrants as children, we bought a house, his parents were divorcing, we bought two new cars, oh and we were having senior high huddles at our house every Thursday night. To say the least, that first year was tough. I worked at a title one school. If you have ever been a first year teacher in a bad title one school, you know that there are ZERO resources. In order to have books for my kids to read, I had to make my own books from a website. This meant hours and hours of printing, folding, stapling, etc.  Now back to Christmas. I'm a big theme giver when it comes to gifts. I go out and buy Will some great coffee mugs, coffee, syrups and other stuff like that because he is always saying he wants to start drinking coffee.....btw, i think the coffee is still sitting in the pantry. But I digress. Back to Christmas. We sit down to open gifts. I'm so excited. Its a big thing! You, know! 1st present as a married couple! What is he going to get me? Something fun? Romantic? Jewelry? I open up the gift and it is........... an electric stapler. 

"Aww...oh." I reply. Thanks? It really was a thoughtful gift but a hillarious story. So months and months after that we have joked about the stapler. Last night it came up in conversation and he said, "I was really being very sincere when I bought that gift.  I knew it would help you and make your life less stressed." And then the line of the day was 

"I guess it speaks about the crap that first year was
 when your husband buys you an electric stapler because 
it will improve your quality of life."

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  1. haha, love this, especially the "first year" section. I can relate...