Sunday, June 24, 2012


Why you no blog?
Well, to be frank, the school tech men figured me out I guess and the post page on my blog is blocked on the school network. And well, I'm too lazy at home. But strange things must have happened to you in the past month right? oh yes. Our lives have not been without blog worthy moments.

Moment 1: I filmed a wedding. I showed up in the same color and near style dress as the bridesmaids. awkward.

Moment 2: I am going to grad school this summer, it took me three starts and 7 days to read 197 pages of introduction to Othello. But good gracious I can tell you everything there is to know about the racial implications of Othello. Will is impressed with my new knowledge. Whatever.

Moment 3: This conversation happened over text. I nerded my self out thinking he knew who Ms. Hannigan was. He did not.

Moment 4: My alllll time favorite store is closing. Blessed Boutique on Grapevine Main. It was a sad day and I had a moment of silence for it. Will suggested maybe we buy the store. I asked him how he would answer when people asked what he did for a living. "Oh well... I own a women's boutique..." "oh, really..."

Moment 5: Unlike last year, I have had a summer. I have done such an excellent job at being a stay at home wife that Will considered getting a higher paying job so that I could continue this year round!

Moment 6: Will has been spending lots of time with his child, Copper. One evening a couple of my friends were over having dinner. Will decided to give us some girl time and hang out in the front yard with Copper. About 10 minutes later, Christin gets a text that says, "Tell Kelsie to come look at Copper" Seriously if it is like this every time the dog does something cute worthy it is going to be rediculous when we have a child. I go to the window and saw this. The dog and its' master just having some quality time together.

Moment 7: My brother graduated from UNT! Pretty exciting! Oh and the girl sitting in front of us at graduation definitely had a very fresh, and by fresh like late to graduation because she just came from the tattoo parlor fresh, tattoo on her back. I failed to get documentation. I apologize.

Moment 8: I stole Will away from his summer duties with the youth group for a week and my parents took us and my brother to Sanibel Island, Florida and it was amazing!!!! They have multiple tides each day. One day when we were there they had the lowest tide they had ever had. We got to walk the beach that evening and saw hundreds and thousands of beached sea life.

Tanner, Dad and Mom on the beach one evening. I missed the orange memo. 

 It was so cool! One day we rented bikes and biked around the island and another day we took a very long boat ride to Key West. It was pretty neat. Key West if full of history and for the Dunn family, vacations are for learning! Will disagrees. Ha.

Here we are at the southern most point of the USA.

And here are Will's thoughts on the key lime pie in Key West: 

It was DE-Licious! I would eat it again for sure. 

My favorite part of Key West, Will did not opt for the tour, my mom, tanner and I went to Earnest Hemmingway's house. We had a tour guide from Boston who was very informative of all information Hemmingway related. Here is his house. It was pretty cool inside. Very lush and beautiful. And lots of cats. I think there were like 54? All with literary and famous names. 

And we finished up with Father's day. Will's dad and his wife came down for weekend at pequeno hotel de Morris. They treated us to Reata, which was great and they got to hear Will preach!

Here we are at the stockyards

And here we are at Reata, the best place in the world. Excuse the sweaty look. I'm pretty sure it was either 100 degrees in that restaurant or I had an extreme hot flash a few moments before the picture. Nothing more classy that a girl dripping sweat down her brow at a very nice restaurant.