Friday, July 22, 2011

Are you my mother?

Can you guess whose child I am? 

Difficult one. Isn't it?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Morrises are back in town...

for 5 days. Then I am off again to Royal Family Kids Camp. Last week we got the pleasure or the pain (whichever way you view it) of cooking for Camp of the Hills in Marble Falls. Again our summer continues to be a reflection of the show Sister Wives. We even took a picture that I would love to share but I can not keep up with my camera cards.

1st, I would like to share a serious matter.

As I was definitely not on facebook and being a good example for the teens I ran across this post from one of my past campers. THIS is why I do what I do! It is funny how things come full circle in your life. The summer between my freshman and sophomore year of college I was a counselor at a camp. The theme was Freedom and we did something with bands that symbolized things you are a slave to. Each camper got one for everything they were a "slave" to and on Thursday of the week we had a big todo and a few of the counselors cut them off. It was pretty cool and changed the way I think about things but never in my life would I have imagined that my little freshmen campers would have dreams of doing the same one day for their campers. Never would I have thought that my shy self would have made an impact like that. Who woulda thunk. THIS is why I do what I do. Sweet Melissa who is now at ACU AND a siggie was a counselor and made this post on her facebook. I could go on forever but I'll summarize by: That is pretty dad gum cool. 

On to my next thing. Not so serious. I have this materialistic, 13 year old girl, 21st century habit of having to play on my phone a little bit before I go to bed. I usually play proof of this.... 2368 + 312. That would be the amount of games of solitaire played on the precious iphone. I'm lonely. 

But while I was at camp of the hills (the only camp so far...where 1. I had to sleep in a bunk bed. and 2. I had 3G and cell service from my bed.) I decided during a special nap time that I would download a few new games to play. I came across a baby maker app. It was free. So I downloaded it as I have always been curious of what my future babies will look like. My cousins and uncle and aunt have reputations of creating the most attractive babies ever so I feel that Will and I have high expectations ahead of us in like 10 years when we have kids. So I need to know what to expect. It is this app where you plug in a picture of the virtual "father" and the virtual "mother." So I did that and came up with a some what cute child that looked nothing like the two of us. I did it again, I got a similar product. Then I did it a third time. I picked two very stunning pictures of Will and I and the iphone computed it. I think it is a sham. This is what it came up with...

Explain that one to me.  

Friday, July 15, 2011

Did I shave my legs for this?

Have no fear. I am almost back to civilization and an entertaining blog. But in the mean time I'm making my way back home from our mission trip at camp of the hills. As soon as I shave my legs and go to the bathroom on a potty where I do not have to watch ants colonize while I do my business I will tell you my MANY good stories from the week.

Until then, I'm gonna be working on my modest camp tan.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ain't No Rodeo Man

Will done gone and bought himself a geetar.

Yes. He is wearing a white shirt, tucked in to jeans and boots, sitting on the couch practicing his guitar.

Where is my trailer?

On a completely different note, the other day Will did one of his many things that reminds me of my dad. I often say "They always say a girl marries her father. And I sure did." On this same day I was probably in the craft section of store or something and Will said...

"You may have married your father, but I married your mother." 

I think that is pretty true. 

As I am signing off, Will came in to the office and proclaimed that he has learned his very first chord! SO Proud!! "C# and something else. I'm still learning."   Go baby Go

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Slurpee? Radical? Slurpee? Dude?

Name that movie?

Well it has been about 1-0-bazillion in Texas this past week. What better way to quench my thirst than a QT slurpee or whatever they are called at QT. For all you non North Richland Hills people, QT is the new 7-11. I had been running a few errands Wednesday or Thursday... I do not remember, my days are running together. The only thing that separates them is my to do list and when it is time to go to bed.

I had been running a few errands for Will and was headed to his office with his late lunch. When all of the sudden like a little kid I had a huge hankering for a slurpee. I was driving down I-20 and dangerously searching on my phone the nearest QT. Duh Kelsie, guess which one came up as the closest one? The one a block from my house I pass probably 10 times a week. Smart one. So I pull up and park my car. As I am getting out of the car I spot two nine/ten year olds and one of their little brothers running in to the QT with a few bills in their hand. I automatically think..."This has potential to be a blog post." And my experience was nothing short.

I walk in and my slurpee sensor goes off and directs me to the wall of "Frozen Drinks" on my left. I wait for the man in front of me to get his DP or whatever and pick my size of cup. Should I get the kid size with the animals or should I be an adult and get the 22 oz. I go ahead and pick the 22 oz. It's one thing that I am BY myself and getting a slurppee in the middle of the day. I don't need characters on my cup. I head over to the wall of flavors. But what darts infront of me? Those kids. So here I am, 24 year old teacher, contemplating my sewercide slurpee with two nine year olds and a seven year old. I get my watermelon/strawberry/kiwi/banana something slurpee and look for the lids and straws. I turn around and spot the kids getting their lids to their giant cokes at the counter behind me. I follow suit. The CHOICES! I ponder. Do I want a dome lid? Do I want a flat lid? And dag nabbit if I had gotten that kids cup with the giraffe and elephant on it I could have gotten a special lid AND straw! I guess I'll settle for this flat lid and a cheap bland red straw. I get my blue flat lid and put it on my slurpee. I think my slurpee grew because as soon as I attempted to even get close with my lid the slurpee exploded its strawberry/kiwi self all over the counter. Whoops. Even that nine year old had better judgement about his slurpee. He's a regular I guess. So I quickly look around and clean up my mess. The dumb idiot I am, I try again. Like maybe it had oozed to its potential and it would stop. Nope. It exploded again! So now I have half the slurpee I started with, my hands are sticky and I've used half of the napkin bin infront of me. I tried one more time to put the lid on but low and behold it happened again. After the third time I gave up and got the boring clear plastic dome lid. I looked around for fun 7-11 straws. You know the neon ones with the "spoons" on the bottom? But apparently QT has not been in the slurpee business long enough to understand the correct utensils used to eat a slurpee. I picked up my boring straw, cleaned up my mess once more and headed to the counter to pay my 1.16 for my drink to the 18 year old manager. I went to my car and throughly enjoyed my beverage and so did those 9 year olds.