Thursday, August 26, 2010


Our cable went out. Our DVR erased itself, We can't see the guide and half of our channels do not work. By half I mean all...except... fortunetly ESPN and the Outdoor channel. REALLY? Really Time Warner? Could you have left me with just one channel? Maybe Nickolodeon? HGTV? Disney? I would have been happy with a local channel. 4, 5, 8, 11? Even PBS? KERA? Nope. 

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Heat Wave

School has started. A new journey has started and it is an excellent journey to be on! I am teaching at Fort Worth Christian! I have one class, 1st period, that has two kids in it. Awesome. I am also working with my roommates moms in their offices. Its a pretty good job! I am working with Lauren's mom in the admission's office and taking over Kaylie's mom's job while she teaches her class. So far in these three days of class no one has thrown a pencil at another child, run out of the room screaming, yelled in the middle of carpet time "I GOTTA USSSEEEE IT" or thrown boogers at me. Life is pretty good all things considered.

Tuesday I got off around 3:30. It was the first day of school and I was excited to get home and cook dinner for Will like a normal domestic wife. Not the wife he received the first year of our marriage who worked until 10:00pm and when got home walked straight to the bathroom, brushed her teach put on her ugly soffee shorts she's had since jr. high, a club tshirt and went strait to bed. I was determined to be a good wifey. So as I was driving home I thought to myself, maybe I'll stop by a brook mays to get a tuner for my violin and I will start to play again. I thought about it, then I did not. So I drove my little self home and opened the door and the temperature inside may have been 120. ok it as 89 but nasty hot. So I turn it down. Then I look up to see if the air is blowing. (like you can see air out of a vent?) So I search the house for a vent that this midget can feel. I can't find one. So I go to the hall bath, climb on the sink, acrobatically lean over to feel luke warm air slowly blowing through the vent. "Willllllll (this is the fourth time i have called him in approx 10 minutes) I think the air is broke." He instructs me to go look on the side of the house at the air conditioner. I don't know much about house hold appliances. But I do know that when it reads 106 on your car thermometer and the fan inside your air conditioner is not moving...thats not a great thing. So as a result I got to spend the evening with mi madre y padre!

Has anyone ever watched Reno 911and Strangers with Candy with their parents.....on the LOGO channel? Cause I did Tuesday..... Tuesday well spent.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

State of the Union Address

As we approach the end of our first year of marriage we felt we had so many good stories that we needed to start recording. It is always an adventure with us. We could write a book titled "The Series of Misfortunate Events" with all the exciting things that have happened to us this past year. We will start with a year in review. Like a top 10 of 09/10.
We got engaged...Well in 2008. 
In July we bought a house.
We got married in September.

Thank you Browen Weber at Frosted Art for an AMAZING groom's cake!

Then we went on our honeymoon to Costa Rica. If you have not heard the story already well here's a recap from the most stressful week to date of our lives. 
1. To begin 6 weeks before the wedding our floor at the venue was demolished. Fortunetly we got a ridiculous upgrade to the top floor brand new loft. We were the first wedding to use the space. UNfortunetly the room was not completed. "It might be completed by your wedding." No Sir, IT WILL be completed by the wedding. So on the week of the wedding when you are doing last minute flowers, We were calling our venue every ten minutes to make sure we actually had a place for a reception that did not look like a warehouse. 
2. On Tuesday before our wedding Will's car was broken in to and our passports, wedding license and wedding slide show were all stolen. Thanks dude! I hope you felt great about that one when you opened up the brief case to find a marriage license. Fortunetly the criminal was considerate enough to steal it within the 72 hour deadline so we could get another license and get married legally on Saturday. 
3. Our Sunday flight at 9 to Costa Rica got cancelled so we were placed on a 5:30 flight to Costa Rica. To give you the cliff notes version....We were late to DFW cause it was a hurricane outside and I forgot my makeup in Irving, We could not check our bags, We missed our flight in Atlanta, I was balling on the phone to my dad on the floor of the Atlanta airport, we hitched another flight to San Jose, Got a driver to drive us literally across the country to Liberia, got stopped by the Costa Rican police, finally made it to our destination around 8 oclock that night. 

This is not what we looked like on Sunday when we arrived. 

On Friday of our h-moon it was my birthday! We had a private dinner and the waiter gave me a  traditional Costa Rican birthday desert. It was rice pudding. It was great!

After the honeymoon I went back to Jail....
Memories I'd like to share....
1. Two boys peed on my bookcases.
2. Boy peed on other boy because he was mad at him.
3. A little boy crying at the end of the movie about Thomas Edison because he died.
4. Catching a "couple" hiding their hand holding like junior highers under their crossed legs. Laughing so hard I had to stop the lesson and regain myself.
5. Girl changing her name to Bella...She was team Jacob.

We bought a dog because I ended up being allergic to the cat.

Had our first Christmas! Don't comment on the Wildcat Pride tree. I married Mr. ACU.   ok ok purple and silver were the only attractive ornaments Garden Ridge had. 

Went skiing with Turnpike!

Endured LTC. 

Went to the Flying Bull Ranch on Memorial Day. 

We supported...I supported Tim Urban in American Idol.

Threw a few passes at the Cowboys Stadium.

And finished our year off with a whole lot of mission trips. 

Here's to round 2.