Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Birthday to you Coach Moss Mayer

This weekend we went on a youth retreat to Glen Rose, Tx. We got to spend three days with kiddos, eat colorless food and sleep on an uncomfortable bed. But it was great fun! All the kids loved it and we did too. The retreat centered around testimonies. Will did a great job leading the kids to think about their stories and sharing them with each other. Copper got to stay at the PetsMart Pets Hotel. We went to pick her up on  Sunday.

We got there and she came out bouncing and leaping into Will's arms. The girl that got her was holding a paper and a party bag. Thats odd. We got a report card from her stay. A+ Copper. Your teacher mother has taught you well. She got two stickers! I am so glad you had friends like Lady and Jasmyn to play with. But wait. This isn't the weirdest thing we got when we picked her up.  

We are so proud of her pottying skills. Our precious baby girl. Apparently she had a great time at the Pet Hotel. She got to go to a birthday party! Coach Moss Mayer...apparently a puppy dog had a party on Feb. 12 that Copper got to attend. She got a party favor. 

A ball in a cool little party bag. She would have engulfed that ball so I gave it to my god-dog Teddy. He enjoyed it. I felt some guilt from taking her prize from her. Like not allowing your kid to have a toy but that sucker would have been destroyed in a heartbeat. Did I mention there was even an invitation in the bag. Like a written invitation with who, time and date and everything. Weird. 

This is precious Copper pooped from her doggie birthday party she attended. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

There's a divit in my couch

Snow day number 5 for this winter. I was once compared to the squirrel on Ice Age...I'm beginning to believe I am becoming him. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and now today. It is like a Winter break that I have to give back next Monday and on Easter. But, house is clean and I am creating new hobbies like no one's business.

What have the two of us been doing stuck in our pequeno casa? Not showering...thats what. HA just kidding. That's completely disgusting. We've been cleaning, eating non perishable foods we discover in our pantry and Will has been beginning his p90X journey while I watch him from my butt mold on the couch. And every once in a while we take a picture of the dog Copper.

We began our break together when Will came home from Abilene. He decided to put a log on the fire. He used one of those 6 hour logs. However, two hours later we were really hungry and decided to go eat. We needed to put out the fire. Will takes the fire tongs and grabs the log. The log then smothers into a million burning pieces in our fireplace. 

"uh oh. This is going to be a problem. Open the door." Will takes a chunk of flaming 6 hour log and takes it to the back yard. There he drops it in the snow.... behind a gate that separates the yard from the side where the air conditioner units are. 

The log does not go out. Instead, when he dropped the log it again fell in to millions of tiny burning logs.  Will frantically tries to hit them to put them out. They are multiplying. He tries to open the is snowed shut. "Go get water!" I run in and grab the first jug I see and run to pass it off to fireman Will. It is safely extinguished and Fireman Phil did not have to show up. We go back inside...there are still hundreds of flaming 6 hour log pieces in our fireplace. Loooooks like we are eating at home...and I made crafts. 

We went sledding! That was way fun....cold but fun. We don't have a picture of Will and I together. How does that happen? We have all these pictures of everyone else's kids and families but neglect to document the snow week of the decade for the two of us. So I photoshopped us one. 

That's creepy.

That's where I really was. In the car with Amanda. It was flipping cold. I wore rain boots cause...uh duh didn't want the toesies to get wet. But dang did they get cold. Rainboots are not all.

And thats the dog. 

After sledding we smelt like you do when you get done skiing. Its like that smell is permanently embedded into your ski socks and turtlenecks. Its disgusting. We got to be adults that night and went out with the church buds. We ate and then went bowling. I may or may not have had two glasses of wine. Not my usual. I was far from buzzed, relaxed or drunk, but my bowling aim was a  little off. Here is Will giving me a lesson. Thanks to the lesson I knocked down more than one pin. 
The best part of the night was everyone got lace up shoes. velcro. 
I was with a group of grown adults that have children...and I got velcro shoes.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If I only had a brain

If I only had a brain I would have figured this out a long time ago. Don't worry my blog readers...ok that should be singular....ok my mom. The blog is visually appealing now. I do apologize for the hideousness it has been the past couple of weeks. EMBARASSing is what I would call that.

screw up

I have officially screwed up my blog. I was a little too ambitious and decided on my snow day from work to make my own template/background. 2 hours later....I have screwed it up beyond fixing. If anyone has suggestions or wants to come fix it to its original format. I will accept offers. Sorry for the hideousness this blog was before today and after today.