Tuesday, May 24, 2011


It has been approx. 9 years since I have written in a yearbook. But I just want to say that HAGS is STILL going strong. So here is my yearbook sign off to you Mr. End of School Year...

It's been grand. It was great getting to know you this year. Stay sweet and don't ever change.

This got me thinking. What if we all wrote what we really thought in yearbooks? Would it go a little more like this....

_______(insert name here)______,
I don't know you but as you "just pass around" the yearbook in class I am obligated to write something in it. So I don't know you but if I did or had taken the time over these four years of sitting only seats away I'm sure I would have liked you. Please change from your high school self. I hope you don't stay 17 forever. I'm not sure how to end this so have a good summer.
Kelsie (sign it incoherent so they can not decifer 50 years later when they pull this book out from the dust)

Monday, May 23, 2011

You Go First

 11 pound baby. 
Baby Cousin for the month of May is here! Check out this bundle of love. 

Gage Jackson is a whopping 11 lbs. He was a petri baby and we are choosing to believe that he got a head start on development.

On another note... Chelsea Handler, who I personally feel may be my older sister who I never had who I've never met who lives in LA and is jewish, came out with her fourth book. It is a delight. I regularly watch the talk show. Regularly as in, I record each and every episode and am on a first name basis with Jo, Brad, Chuy, Chels, Sarah and the rest of the crew. I got it Tuesday or so with my teacher appreciation gift card and began reading it. Ok, granted it is not something you would study in AP English or consider for a literary merit award, but I was pretty impressed at how fast I read it. I am on my last chapter. One night while Will engulfed himself in Deadliest Catch, I engulfed myself in Chelsea Handler's lies. Copper joined us that night on the couch...she chose which was more interesting and I agree in her decision, further explaining that she should be given the opportunity to relish in her feminine ways. 

I feel like her new name tag had alot to do with her new found girlyness. 

Yep. Pink bling and diamonds. Her daddy knows how to spoil her. 

This weekend we had a few firsts. 
1. First time Will pulled me up on the wake board. 
2. First time to screen print t-shirts. They look awesome! 
3. First time Will has been to Denton in a while. 
4. Our first wine tasting at the Taste of Addison. 
5. First time dancing at a concert. 
6. First time meeting complete strangers at a restaurant and inviting them to church. 
7. First college/young professional (that was really college kids) lake day at Joe Pool. 
6. Will's first Hooter's wings. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

Some day my prince will come

The royal wedding has come and gone. The million hour broadcast has been recorded, watched and celebrated. Magazines are full of William and Kate headlines. I even saw one the other day that said "Inside William and Kate's Marriage...Kate is the boss." What marriage? The one that has been happening for a week? Really? hmm. I admit I was not tied up in all the hoopla that led up to the royal wedding but when it came down to it. It is a cinderella story and I'm a sucker for Prince Charming. I also will admit that I wanted her to come down the aisle in something more like:

but  who am I to judge what is "princess" worthy and what is not. 

I DID however go to a PRINCESS PARTY! I have been waiting so long for these pics and thanks to Summer, I have them to share!! There is a family at our church that we have gotten close to. They have a 6 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. Maggie, the girl, is so sweet and girly. She and her mom threw a princess party! And I went. And uh duh I dressed up in my most princessy dress. Because I have separation anxiety with expensive dresses I have kept each one I have gained over my years of weddings, proms, homecomings, etc. I thought long and hard between my princess prom dress and my princess bridesmaid dress. Will and I decided on the bridesmaid dress. I will admit....I barely fit in it. This girl has grown a little bit since my junior year of college.

(Adendum to an old post) - number 29374 thing I have learned in marriage...It is like freshman year of college. Freshman 15. 

Me and Maggie at the party

That Friday I made a few hats for the party, dressed like a princess and was off! And of course I can not go five minutes with out something potentially embarrassing happen to me. So I pile all 99 layers of tool in my car and drive off. Picture this...I have a pink tool dress on and a tiara/hair piece in my hair. I get stopped at a stop light and look up. It is fill the boot for the fire department. Not so bad except the sweet attractive firemen walk through the traffic and make eye contact with all the drivers. Please don't look at me! Please don't look at me! At times like these I is fortunate I look like a teenager. Cause what would those firemen think when they saw a twenty four year old in a princess dress and a tiara. The light quickly turned green and I was safe from any potential humiliation. I will have to say I had a BLAST at the party!
Amy came as Cinderella. I learned that pose from my cousin who does pageants.

Posing on the red carpet. -- not so much that pose. learned that one from disney movies

So all the princesses that attended the party.... three that actually took the instruction seriously and dressed up... posed on the red carpet (red airline blanket). It was my turn to strut my stuff. I pose princessly however I was rudely interrupted. I look down mid princess turn and see a HUGE june bug making a home on my arm. I am completely FREAKED out by june bugs. I have an irrational fear. Lets just say the pictorial evidence of my freak out with the june bug is not attractive in any way.

Maggie and I. She has piled all the hats I made on top of her head. She definitely wore the yellow one to church that Sunday. I was a proud "official hat maker to the princess."

On another note this weekend was mother's day. We went to Houston to spend the weekend with Will's grandmother. Don't worry mom, I got you a gift while I was there. 

I spent the high of the afternoon on a floaty in the pool reading one of my many self help books. There were a few things wrong with this...however a few things very right. Let's start with the right things. 
1. I was in a pool. 
2. I was in a bikini in a pool. 
3. I was reading a book, in a bikini, in a pool. 
4. I was reading a book, in a bikini, in a pool for a long time.

Now a few things wrong:
1. I was in a pool... in Houston. You know how they say the sun is more fierce on a cruise? Well I think the same can go for the Houston sun when you are as pasty as snow white. 
2. I decided to go out for the first time in summer in a bandeau top. REALLY? Now I will have that awkward tan line the whole summer. 
3. I did not wear sun screen cause "I don't burn." Will was glad to know that he was right in his theory of sunscreen and I was very wrong. 

I leave with this...I drove the tonka truck to Houston while Will slept off his Lock - In from Friday night. I look over in the middle of my ipod concert and see this precious face...

Then I saw this... 

The man loves his dog. 

Monday, May 2, 2011

Nothin Funny Bout It

Just a few pickies I thought were share worthy.

My aunt is having a baby boy in two weeks! My mom and I designed the shower for her and Eden, my cousin hosted it at her house!

I have no real funny stories from this day. Except maybe the failed attempt at cake balls. They tasted good but looked like aliens. Lesson for next time...stick with the sprinkles. Do not use red hots. We did have a cute craft that I found on one of those J.Crew Stay at Home Crafty Mom blogs. We wonder undered cute shapes and animals on onsies for the baby boy! Oh yeah and Eden created a game called Preggers or Porno. You had to guess based on the woman's face if she was in the act of making a child or in the act of giving birth to a child. Play that one with your grandma.

What else have we done? Well a couple of weeks ago was Easter. Easter means two things. Jesus and LTC. We did our time at LTC. Spent the night at the Hyatt, chased kids around a hotel, ate junk food. Then we were off to church on Sunday for an Easter Egg hunt with our suddo kids. Here are some precious highlights:

No funny stories from this day either. Except maybe dinner with my dad's side which is always funny. For years we have eaten Easter lunch with a center piece of Jesus action figures and a tomb. This year, there were eggs on the table with things from the Easter story in them like a whip, dice, coins, an empty egg, etc. Paul is pretty creative. I guess it is one of those things you have to see. Next year I'll remember to take a picture.

Oh I almost forgot the first Morris family Easter picture.

After LTC we were off to the CrossPoint Church of Christ golf tournament this past Saturday. Did you know there is an appropriate noise level for golf courses? I sure didn't but I do now.

Sponsored by: C3 Student Ministries and Elmer's Glue.