Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Time is Here

I have had my two faithful blog readers ask "Why no posts?" Well I'll tell you why. Because it is December and December means my busy season. I have a show coming up so every waking moment of my life has been devoted to getting Happy Days ready to be seen by the public. Nothing very funny has happened...until yesterday.

Yesterday was December 1st. Many things happened yesterday. The first being that it is the opening night of the show. I had also arranged for my two leads to be interviewed on CW33. It is a big day. This is how it began.

I woke up, much like any other day. I had a big day ahead of me so I had to shower and fix myself appropriately to be viewed by people unrelated to me. I slowly got out of bed, jumped in the shower, picked out my cute outfit that I was going to wear today. I iron it. I put the clothes on. I dry my hair. I straighten my hair. I even put on a full face of make up. The morning was going without a hitch and I was running only a couple of minutes behind. I was going to make it to work on time for the first time this week! Then I brushed my teeth.

While brushing my teeth I dripped a little bit of toothpaste on my shirt. I did not pay any attention to it, thinking it would go away. I quickly gathered my things and headed for the door. My car has been frosted over each morning so I decided to make 2 trips. The first to put my bag in the car and turn it on. The second to get the remaining things I needed. I thought maybe by my second trip the car would be mostly defrosted. So I take the first trip. Success. I take the second trip, grab the spare key and lock the door go to get in my car and it is locked. Yes. Locked. How it locked itself with the key inside running I will never know. But it did and this put me in quite the predicament.

Next are the thoughts that sped through my head:

Oh no! Oh no!
How in the world did that happen?
Spare key! I'll get the spare key and unlock it.
I'm clicking the spare key and nothing is happening.
Oh Gosh.
Ok, I'll call Will.
Phone, Phone, Phone....
Oh gosh. It is in the car.
No phone, no keys.
Oh no, it is 7:20. 
Next door neighbor.
Maybe he'll help me.
No answer.
I'll ring the door bell again.
No answer.
Oh gosh. This is bad.
It's cold.
Try the spare key again.
No luck.
Oh wait! Inside my keyless entry remote is a key.
I'll try that.
Oh boy! It is 7:30.
I'll text the secretary to tell her I'm running late. At least my windows were defrosted.

So off to work I go. I get to school about 8:15. Fix all the problems of the play. Oh! What is that? A mic is broken beyond repair. Awesome. That is 250 more dollars that I will have to pay. At least I will be headed out for a while. At 9:00 I take my kids and we get in the 15 passenger van and head toward Dallas. It was pretty awesome, I must say. They kids were so excited and did great!

We get to Dallas fine. I did not get lost. I did not get in a wreck. I parked the van very well. We go in hang out for a little bit and then it is our time to be interviewed. We all get up and the sound guy hands us our mics. Alex first, Taylor, then me. I look down to put my mic on and... remember the toothpaste from earlier.  Yep. It is huge. Like two dots the size of quarters. This is not an exaggeration. I am fixing to go on the news and special over here has toothpaste on her shirt. Embarassing. I fix it the best I can and we go on. I redeemed my self with the interview, except the interviewer through a curve ball and asked me an educational question.  "uhhh ma'am. This was not on the list."

We leave and I introduced my kids to the Irving staple, Big State Drug. We enjoyed a nice burger and shake and headed back to school.

The rest of the day ran pretty smoothly with the opening night of the show. By 10:30 though I was about to fall down. I went home, immediately took off my heels, put on sweatpants and crawled in the bed just to start it all over again today.