Thursday, November 3, 2011


Line of the day yesterday:

The Situation: This week I have been teaching my students how to build. We have been building two full size diner booths for our musical. Which by the way is Happy Days and you should come see it if you are in town. So yesterday I am on top of the booth and I am screwing in a screw with the drill. I drill the first bit that makes the whole and pull it out of the wood. Apparently it was still rotating and I swung it to my side to put down on the bench. But in the path stood my pants. My pants that were on my person. As soon as that spinning bit hit my pants, it immediately attacked my pants. I screamed. The kids screamed. I looked down and my pants are completely wrapped around the bit of this drill. So I first, calm the children. I reassure them that everything is all right. I assess my situation. Blood? No. Pain? No. Leg still attached? Yes. So I unroll the drill bit out of my pants and discover what it left me with.


After my horrific incident my students were pretty shaken up. They kept asking if I was ok and what not. I, as the good teacher I am, reassured them that things were fine and that I was glad it was me and not them.


Student: Mrs. Morris, are you ok? Are your pants ok?
Me: I'm fine. I guess it will give me an excuse to buy a new pair of sweat pants. I'm pretty sure that I've had these since freshman year of high school. Come to think of it...I think I've had these pants and these shoes since high school.
Student: (in all seriousness) They had converse back then?!?!
Me: How old do you think I am?

1. Will gave me the "and that's why you don't wear baggy sweatpants while using powertools" chat when I got home. What is the proper attire for working with power tools?
2. I should really throw those shoes away. They've built one too many sets in their day. Looking at them, I'm kind of embarrassed that I still own a pair....two pair...

It was a difficult day in the world of theater class. But we built an awesome booth! Will is hunting so I have lots of time to blog. Expect pics tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

T-minus 2 days until opening weekend

The time is nearing and the husband is getting giddy. Yes. It is November which means that the Opening of Deer season is within reach. Within hours I-20 will be full of trailers, trucks and rifles. Yesterday I learned that our very own Governor Perry announced that November is Hunter Appreciation Month. I feel like he did not consult his wife on that one. She would have said otherwise. I feel like maybe it should be Hunter's Wife Appreciation, but that is my own soap box.

But with hunting comes really nice dates that make up for the weekends away. Last weekend was our family retreat at church. We headed out to Glen Rose again. This year (just like last year) we decided to go down a day early and just have a nice "us" night. We ate at The Loft in Granbury again and it was even more delicious than last year. We had an amazing beer cheese dip with delicious garlic sourdough bread that I am still tasting in my mouth (and feeling in my hips).

But soo worth it. It was a nice night just to be us, not talk about work/church and have a nice dinner away. We ended the night with what every couple does...going to wal-mart to buy food for the retreat, going back to the retreat center, and going to bed.

But the retreat was fun! I did find a cute boutique while I was in town getting BBQ for dinner. I found this 22 dollar coozie. I feel like this sums up my life. I had no desire to spend 22 dollars on it, so I took a picture.

On the other hand, the retreat was a raging success! Will did a great job!

Well, I'm off to prepare myself for opening weekend. I am now a hunting widow from this Thursday til whenever he decides to come home. There will be a whole lot of craft making going on up in this joint.