Friday, September 24, 2010

Whistle while you work.

I called Casa Manana today: 

First of all to fully appreciate this I must give a little bit of background knowledge. I teach one class period of theater. The enrollment for the class is three. Yup. Three. Three sweet, dingy girls. Its been a joke all year about the theater class having such a low number. We've been getting really creative in ways to do things in class with three people. So I call for a field trip to Casa Manana. Casa Manana has a group rate of 20+ They usually do no sell individual tickets to their student matinees. Cause you usually have at least 16 in a class. So I call to get tickets to Snow White. This is the phone call.

Me: Yes, Hi. I am a teacher and would like to look into purchasing tickets for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Guy: Ok, how many would you like?

Me: Oct. 12 and 4 tickets

Guy: 4?

Me: yes.

Guy: Just four?

Me: yes

Guy: Ok, well that's going to be 18 dollars per ticket and I'm sure we can squeeze four in.

Me: Great.

Guy: Why four? Is it a special needs class?

Me: (trying to hold in my laughter) No, just a very small theater class.

Guy: oh.

Monday, September 20, 2010

You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Will and I walked across our dining room and looked out of our back door. This is what we saw.
Where's you're friend Woodstock, Snoopy?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Don't Rain on My Parade

To begin with quick updates...
1. I am starting a videography company.... check it out.
2. Dove Season started
3. Football Season has started
4. I know 2 and 3 from the absence of my husband.
5. The weather was not a flood this year on Sept. 12

In other news... Today is September 13 and that means that yesterday we celebrated our 1 year anniversary! It was pretty exciting. When planning our wedding approx. 2 years ago we settled on the date of September 12. It was convenient, it was after Will's summer and it is kinda "our month." At the time we sat the date I was not planning on being a teacher. Well I am a teacher now and if you went to school you know that September 12 is like the 3rd week of most school years. It is also the week after labor day. So as a result of marrying a youth minister and myself being a teacher you do not get the same breaks and administration looks down upon you taking multiple days at the beginning of the year. In lue of getting fired. we went on an extended weekend vacation to San Antonio/New Braunfels to celebrate our 1 year in August.

Here is Will eating at the Gristmill!      Hyatt Hill Country                Eating Dinner with Jeff and Lauren

  Getting Ready for Schlitterbaun      Tour De Texas BBQ             The best breakfast you have ever had

So we had our trip a month ago and this weekend we were just going to exchange gifts and go out to eat on Saturday, September 11, I thought. Our luck continued from our rainy wedding last year and our actual anniversary fell on a Sunday. We had to go to church on Sunday. My husband is the minister.  Happy Anniversary to us! We got all gussied up on Saturday evening. All I was told was wear a dress and bring a bag and my beloved pillow because we "might not come back." We went to the Oceanaire in Dallas and stayed at the Westin!

Here we are eating our cake at the Oceanaire! 

On Sunday we got home and I did laundry and made some stockings as Will did his p90x and watched football games. Then we went to church. Happy Anniversary to us. But we ended our night after church by watching our video, eating some more cake and going to bed. We are so exciting! We live on the edge. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fantasy Weekend

This past weekend was our Fantasy Weekend. Will went with all of his buddies to a lake house for their fantasy football draft party. I went to my grandparents' house and played with my baby cousins.

Will's Fantasy Weekend

Kelsie's Fantasy Weekend

Ok, side as I'm writing this I'm at work. A kid comes in and we have the following conversation...

Kid 1: My throat hurts can I have a peppermint?
Kid 2: Its that time of year when everyone comes in and has a sore throat.
Me: Yeah I hope mine does not start. 
Kid 2: What grade are you in?
Me: I'm a teacher. 

Glad I put make up on this morning.