Monday, November 22, 2010

Do you remember that kind of ...

November means two things...Hunting and Thanksgiving. I have made a flow chart for the visual learners.

It is Monday of my week off of school. No play rehearsal, no tests to grade, no set building, just me, a credit card and my glue gun! I went to the black hole of craft stores, Hobby Lobby. I browsed the aisles, knocked down a few or five dancing Santa hats and set them all off, placed a few things I didn't need in my basket and contemplated my next craft. I came up with these...
Modge Podge Christmas trees for my fireplace. They look a lot cooler in person. 
A wreath for my door!
And all while Will was bringing home the trophy. Look at that stud and his deer! This is what I have now given up my cute grey and yellow office for. This and its predecessor from south Texas.