Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Another Day, Another Story

Last week for a pep rally, the school dressed up in their best 1970's wear. Most students confused this decade with 1960's but we'll give them a little room to grow since everyone of these children were born in 1995 and above. This particular day I had this conversation with a student.

The students were discussing the 1970's fashions they had seen that day.
Student #1: I don't know what they wore in the 70's. That was along time ago.
Student #2: Yeah, I don't know. Kelsie, what did YOU wear in the 1970s?
Me: Uhh, really?
Student #2: (who I know pretty well...well enough for her to call me Kelsie) What?! I don't know when you were born!
Me: Uh, 1986. I'm not 40.

Do your math children. Do your math.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I didn't do it.

Once upon a time...yesterday. It was a lovely Sunday and Will and I decided to go to a movie. He had been wanting to see this movie that Watermark Church had done (how I dream of going to a church that makes legit movies). It is called "Seasons of Grey." It is based on the story of Joseph. It is a pretty good movie. I would suggest it. Better done than Fireproof I must say. Anyway the lead character is Brady Grey. He is played by someone. But whoever it is...well just continue to read. So this is the guy that plays the lead.
So there is this scene where the above male comes out of his work office in a nicely tailored suit, open button up shirt, hair cut short in a "just got out of bed, but I worked hard on my look" hair do, and GQ black rimmed glasses. At this moment there is a very audible, "MMMM" from someone in the audience. Will immediately turns to me and says, "Did you just do that?" How do I get blamed for that? So I immediately start to giggle. Because 1. Every female was thinking it, just one was brave enough to say it out loud and 2. I can't believe he is blaming me! We spend the next two scenes giggling and me trying to stop it and seriously say that it was not me that voice my opinion about the lead character's looks. So, thanks who ever did that in the auditorium. I am now being blamed for looking at other men on the movie screen.

You know Will, I never gave you a hard time when Tami Taylor was on TV. 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

It is fall:

Deer, Guns, Football .... Musicals. Work. Lesson Plans.

Along with Football, you have homecomings. With homecomings you have my favorite thing ever, MUMS. The other day I had this preciousness of a conversation with one of my students.

Student (coming into my room): Do we have a dance for Homecoming? Can you believe SGP is like in two weeks. That is crazy.
Me: No, we do not have a dance. We are a church of Christ school which absolutely no dancing.
Student: Do we get mums? I finally figured out why they call mums, mums.
Me: Why?
Student: (in all seriousness) Because your mom makes them.
Me: (speechless and laughing - I couldn't hold it in. Forget considering the safety of the child's ego and all that nonsense they tell you in school) Uhhhhhhh....not exactly. Maybe try, its because the flower in the middle is a mum.
Student: Really? You're kidding. Ug, I'm never listening to so and so (whoever told her that) again!

Now I do not know many things but I do have an unusual love for mums. I will not lie when I say that I had ALL FOUR hanging on my wall until the day I got married. They only came down because my mom took them down and put them in a box. But have no fear...that box is in my my house....the one I share with my husband. Come over and I'll pull the prized possessions out and show them to you. This being the case, I'm pretty sure that Texas High School Mums did not originate in England.

Nope, definitely from this God blessed State: 
Along with the fall also comes lots of hunting shows. Our typical evening goes about like this: 
Will turns on the TV. It is either on the ESPN channel or the SPORTSMAN channel. He flips back and forth (as he is doing right now as I type). I join him on the couch with something to do such as my phone, computer, book, craft, etc. He will eventually ask for his phone. I will hand it to him. He will go to the calendar app and look for dates. He will nonchalantly say, "What are we doing the....first weekend in October?" I will solemly reply, "You are going hunting." And he will giggle like a little girl cause I have caught him red handed and reply, "Not necessarily." I will reply. "Yes, you will. No matter how many or how few trips you have planned at the beginning of the season you will weasel your way into a few more and before you know it I'm a weekend hunting widow." He will say all while STILL giggling, "Nooooooooo. But IT HAS STARTED BABY!!! I LOVE HUNTING!" I just smile and nod.  Some times he follows this with grabbing his bow and taking a few practice shots or taking his guitar and strumming the strings as if to play a good ole hunting song.

Another type of conversation that fully explains our adult life: 

Finally the other day Will brought in his camo fleece blanket out of the garage that has been sitting there since we moved in...two years ago. We .... I ..... washed it and made it all clean again. This blanket it the blanket I made him for his birthday one year and the blanket I always used to wrap up in at his house in college because he's an eskimo and I'm something from the equator. He likes it 40 degrees, I prefer triple digits. We would hang out and watch whatever I wanted on TV. Good shows. Quality television. The recent conversation went like this: 

Will and I are on the couch...watching something of his choice.
We are both under the blanket now because we are married and can sit close together....on the same cushion of the couch.
Me: Awe, I'm so glad that we got this blanket out. It's like college again. 
Will: Me too. I like it.  (I don't know if he actually said that, but for reinforcement of how important the quilt is and our time together....on the I will add it)
Me: (in a happy and sweet tone) It's like college again. We are sitting here on the couch, with this blanket........except we are not paying attention to each other. I'm on my phone playing solitaire and you have control of the remote.

Welcome to marriage. But I do love the guy.

On another note, I shared my idea of the "Youth Minister's Wife Intern" to a preacher friend of mine. He and his wife thought it was pure money. I'm pitching it to ACU next week. You are welcome all wives of ministers.