Monday, October 17, 2011

Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

Busy life has begun. Here I sit in a prop rocking chair rocking my stress away on the stage at work before rehearsal starts. I figured I needed to get my creative funny juices moving, therefore, I have a story to tell.

Once upon a time there was a day called Columbus Day. This is a lovely holiday for teachers because they receive the day off: the day off to do whatever they want to do. Usually getting caught up on work. This particular Columbus day, I had talked Will in to staying home from hunting. We both lazily woke up...ok I lazily woke up on that Monday morning. We discussed what we would do for the day. What should we do? I suggested bike riding in Las Colinas. There is a great trail out there and I felt like doing something active on such a beautiful day. I thought that he agreed, but before I could get off the phone with my dad asking about the bikes, Will had called some guy about dove hunting and had reserved a dove hunt that evening. Not even that 3:30. It was currently 12:00. There was no way we could go bike riding now.

Communication error: Will thought I was joking about bike riding. I thought he was joking about hunting. Joke is on me.

When I realized that he wasn't joking and that we really were going dove hunting that afternoon, I needed some support. I immediately text Christin.  She is out in Abilene and would usually be my out at a time like this. Much like Brandon or Josh would be when I suggest a night at the ballet.

Her response:
So we did what any young professional couple in the city does on a day off, we went dove hunting. BUT FIRST! We must start the trip off right. I needed to return some pants to Gap. So, I traded my bike ride for a trip (a very quick trip) to the mall. But on the way back we somehow ended up at Academy because I "needed" camo to wear. Apparently, my pink siggie sing song shirt is too bright for the birds. I was thinking of myself as more of a beautifully large flower than a camoflauge mound of person. So I walked out of Academy with a camo pullover and pink earplugs for my delicate womanly ears.

But don't worry my friends. We sure did stop by Rudy's to get BBQ before we hit the road.

So we are driving, driving, driving. Past Fort Worth, Past Burleson....into Godly, Texas. Yes there is a Godly, Texas.

We meet some guy at a shell gas station and he takes us to his land. We saw 1 bird. Will shot 1 bird. We were there five hours.

I get really restless and fidgety when hunting, plus, I had to go to the bathroom and wasn't about to rough it. So I suggested we play a game of pass and play words with friends. We got two turns in and Will gave up.

Here Will is living out his hunting show. He was giving me a whisper play by play of what was going on.

A man and his dog.

The bird he killed.

Copper wanting to eat the bird he killed.

But don't you worry! We finished a good evening off with a good ole fashioned Captain D's dinner. A picture from my youth. There used to be one in Irving and we would frequent the establishment. There used to be coloring contests there all the time.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Our life in pictures

Life as of late:

We went to Abilene, the church of Christ mecca, for Lectureship or Summit or whatever they are calling it now. We stopped at a gas station in Eastland:

Yes, you may have noticed two cop cars as was pointed out to me via a follower on Instagram. We pulled into this gas station to switch drivers and use their facilities.   We switch drivers and because something always goes wrong when I get in the driver's seat. Something went wrong. I put it in reverse and this horrible sound was coming from my back tire when I would brake. Will got out, inspected it and called my dad. Then his resident church car guy. Then the manual. We decided it was a rock in the tire. But in this time behind us was an interesting situation occurring. Behind us was Barney Fife inspecting this guy's van. The inspectee was handcuffed and taken to the car. Then pulled out of the car. Then Barney Fife's buddy came and searched the van. Gave him the walk straight test and he failed miserably. Barney's second buddy showed up and now the suspect is handcuffed again and put into the front seat of squad car #2. But by then, we were leaving. Who knows what happened. 

Later that week, I did this: 

After I took that SAT for college graduates and began other things, like cleaning the house. One day I came home from working. All I wanted to lay on my wonderful couch and relax and this is what I found: 
But Wait..... Here is what wouldn't fit in this picture:

I had heard the toe clippings the night before as I play my nightly solitaire game and catch up on words with friends but did not expect to find them on the floor. Clippers and all. 

It really is the mundane things in life that make me laugh. 

For example: Last Sunday I was fed up with having too many condiments and frozen wild game in our fridge that I could never find anything. I was tired of constantly buying chicken stock when I knew I had just bought it, but I couldn't find it. So I decided to attack the kitchen. I went straight to the fridge and began pulling stuff out, checking expiration dates and throwing things away. I started in the fridge, then moved to the freezer. This is what I found! JACKPOT!

I went to grab it and this is what I found: 
Who would do such a thing?? Who eats all the thin mints and then puts the box back?

I moved on to the pantry in a sullen mood and threw away 3 trashbags full of expired condiments, cereals, bisquik that is as old as our marriage, and spices that saw their beginnings in Abilene. I put everything back in a very organized spot and I placed our categorized condiments in the door of the fridge. 

I live with Will Morris: 

Yes, you counted right. 
1 Stubbs BBQ
1 Salt Lick BBQ
1 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ (there were two but I combined)
2 bottles of Harolds (We had three but I combined two)
1 Jack Daniels BBQ
1 can of Perini's BBQ

If you add all of those together, yes. That equals 7 bottles of BBQ sauce. 6 different kinds. Who has that many bbq sauces?