Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Time To Get A Gun

January 19th was William's birthday. He turned the big 27. That is three years from 30. Wow old man. Because it was his birthday and the numbers are getting rather large we celebrated. And in full tradition it truly was his "birthday week." I wish I had a "birthday week."1st, as we always do, we celebrated with Winterfest and the teens. It actually was not half bad this year. Then on Tuesday his dad came in and we went to Reata (only the best restaurant known to man) and to the Fort Worth Stockshow. We saw an excellent rodeo and because I was with Will, saw a few people he knew... and one I knew. Glad I put makeup on for that one. On Wednesday we had to go to church, cause that's Will's job and all. But he got a great surprise. A CAKE!

Sweet Jaley had a birthday on that Friday so she got to help Will blow out his 27 candles.

On Thursday we went on Will's birthday date to Blue Mesa. Excellent. And on Friday we had a day off. We were very tired from all of our celebrations.  

Saturday... let me just start at the beginning to get the full effect of Saturday's events. Because if you know us, nothing can go on without a hitch. A few weeks ago I began being very sneaky sneaky and planning a surprise party for the hubs. As long as we have been together he has never really had a "party" so I figure now would be as good of time as any to spend the day with his buddies he has made in the DFW metroplex. So I awkwardly asked multiple people to be my facebook friend and sent out this long facebook message about BBQ and Whirlyball.  Everyone got super excited....ok Carson and I got excited. No one else replied. I was a big girl and called Whirlyball to make a reservation for our group. Whirlyball is a very popular thing to do on a Saturday. So plan B. I google, I research, I call and nothing is happening. We resort to plan B. Just BBQ and fellowship. The Sunday before our good friend Jace spoiled the secret by catching Will in the hall and taunting, "I know something you don't know." The next day the bestie Christin texts me and says, "How are the birthday plans going?" Guess who was holding my phone at the exact moment the text came through...yes William Morris. So he now knew something was up. But I played it off real good..... I think. Saturday morning he gets up and exclaims..."Let's go skeet shooting!"  Uh what? The next thing I knew I had eaten a MacDonald's breakfast and was dressed in a bass pro shops hat and a frumpy jacket....just like a hunter. Julia Roberts has turned into Miranda Lambert. We got in the truck...cause you can't take a normal car to the gun range and drove to the hometown of "My Big Fat Redneck Wedding", Kennedale, Tx. Which is unfortunately not that far from where we currently live. We get to our stand or whatever you call the shooter thing on the table and start "pulling" these clay skeet things. I completely embarrass myself on my first round. Imagine jeans, ugg boots, a scarf and a jacket...with an oversized gun trying to point it at a three inch disc flying a million miles per hour across a field. Think elephant trying to do ballet. After a quick tutorial I shot three clays in the air and broke one in my hand for a total of 4! My dad was proud. 

This is the gun I learned to load. And the bullet....excuse me... "shell."

Look at that birthday boy

Will wants me to buy me a gun...cause I'm a midget and can't properly hold his. I'm thinking something like this... 
When we left Redneckville we came home and I did a little errand. Then we went to work out. out. While I'm passing the time on one of the awkward running machines that reminds me to the 1990's gazelle I was sweating beads because I needed to find a way to get Will all the way to Pappa Brothers BBQ in Dallas. Let's not kid people, like I was sweating beads from my work out. I tossed ideas such as a movie at the grand (its closed if anyone was going to go see a movie there) or mom and dad wanted to make up for the fact they forgot his birthday and take him out for bbq to I'd just put him in the car and drive him there. I settled on a movie and dinner. It worked. With yet another snag. Christin got sick and she was supposed to bring the cake. But have no fear, Karen and Grady were at the rescue and dropped of the cake. Just in time for us to get there and see Grady pull around the parking lot. The conversation went like this....

"What is Grady doing at Pappa Brothers?"
"Oh I don't know maybe he just likes BBQ."
"Why are the Mittigs here...and the Hockadays?"
"I don't know Will, maybe they just like BBQ"

And the surprise was pulled off! We had a great time. Thanks to all the friends and family that came out to celebrate. And sorry for the stomach virus that hit 50% of you afterwards. 

But his birthday is not over yet! Christin dropped this by yesterday for him. I think it deserves a place on the mantel.

Our Family Forever and Always. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Blue Moon

Once upon a Thursday evening before Christmas Will and I attended the Fort Worth Christian High School Faculty Christmas party. This being my first official "staff" party of any kind I was pretty excited! The protocol for the evening...casual and white elephant. Now, FWC staff and faculty are known for having a pretty good time and having a pretty excellent sense of humor. During the white elephant game lots of good items. Items such as a dancing hat, two painted cows posed in a questionable nature, a stuffed pig piggy bank that oinked...and this.

Thank you whoever brought this creep of a toy. I hope you get it next year. This is a HUGE green frog that sings and dances to Blue Moon. Would not be so weird you say? Except if you look on his left hand he has a sock puppet...with a hat...and it sings too. As Will was opening this gold mine of a white elephant I squirmed in my seat. Then he pressed the button. Once...twice....three times and it kept singing....and dancing and moving that creepy little sock hand along with the words. To make things more awkward he would sit the frog between the two of us on the bench we were sitting on. Like a child....A green singing child. I still have nightmares.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

four weddings and a funeral

Do you remember that movie? I've never seen it but I think it would have gone a little something like this Christmas Holiday for the Morris family.

We began Christmas with two weddings. Dustin and Justin. Dustin's was in Houston on a Saturday and Justin's a Sunday in Oklahoma City. Great weddings. Wonderful lifelong friends. Will endured a full weekend of Christin and a car. Thank you Will.

To see a sneak peak of Justin's wedding video go to

We had Christmas with both families. Got a TV and a legit camera.

Attended the funeral for Will's Grandfather. He was in the Navy so that was neat to see a military funeral.

Came back, had a New Year's party, started school and ended the Holiday season with the third wedding, Leah.

In this movie, I'm sure Hugh Grant finds the love of his life. Sorry Christin that we did not find your Hugh Grant. We will keep looking.

"we are the three best friends that anybody could ever have..."
Will didn't know that when he said his vows at our wedding what he meant to say was "I take you along with Christin..."

I leave you with this video of the dog.....