Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sorry, We are out of....

Last night, Will and I ventured to a new hibachi place for his birthday dinner. The guy turns 28 on Thursday. Man!

We went to a new place in Arlington, I will refer to it as Hibachi to protect the innocent. We had a little bit of trouble finding it because it was hidden away among the store fronts. We happened up on this place and went in. It was a tiny hibachi place with only four hibachi stove tables. We were greeted and seated at a table. The waitress came to take our order.

Waitress: What you drink?
Me: A glass of Chardonnay please.
Waitress: You?
Will: Water.

Waitress took the rest of the orders and slowly prepared the drinks.

The waitress comes back.

Waitress: Sorry, we out of Chardonnay.
Me: Ohhhh, that's fine. I'll just take a water.
Waitress: ok.

Waitress leaves and comes back to take our order:

Waitress: What you have?
Me: Sesame chicken with fried rice please.
Will: Number 14 with fried rice and a tuna roll.
Waitress: Ohhhh we out of sushi. (oddly points to the front of the restaurant) No sushi today.
Will: Oh ok, that's fine. Can I have double rice?
Waitress: Two orders of rice?
Will: Can I have double rice instead of vegetables?
Waitress: Uhh (confused) we no do that.
Will: oook. That's fine, I'll just take the vegetables.

Waitress continues the orders and leaves.

We joke under our breaths about the lack of food in this establishment. Maybe next they will come back and say, "Sorry, we out of rice." No wine, no sushi...what kind of place is this!?

I look to the front of the restaurant and see a lonely fish in a tank separating the eating area from the waiting area. I jokingly say, "Ha, That's why they were out of sushi. They only have one fish."

Then it hit both of us. Will said, "Surely she didn't mean that, but she did point to the front like she was implying something."  Hmmmm.

I guess we will never know.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Texas Hunting Forum...A man's pinterest.

The other day...during church, I received an email from Will with this link in it.

So I looked at it. The subject of this forum thread was very interesting. The title:


These are some I found and I would like to comment on them from the perspective of your wife.

3. You have ever said to your significant other: "Oh honey, I couldn't possibly attend[wedding, family function, social event, fill in the blank] on that date; I will be deer hunting--and she doesn't object.
It is just an understood fact.

4. Your significant other announces that she has planned a vacation to Europe with her family, but she didn't bother to include you because she knew it would interfere with deer season.
Another just understood fact. Why even ask. If he's going somewhere, I'm going somewhere. Probably somewhere better than the Grapevine Main or Europe. However, this Europe trip would only be possible if the funds from October to January were not devoted to hunting equipment.  

7. You feel a sense of impending depression as deer season comes to a close.
It is sad around our house these days. Lots of moping and xbox playing.

8. You have ever placed an urgent call to your spouse to inquire just how much space is still available in the deep freeze.
Or your wife comes home one day and there is an additional freezer full of deer.

You are at your inlaws which is 20 min from the lease and you mill around your wife and look at her aimlesly until she tells you to get out of here and go to the deer lease.
Every weekend. I call it the look. It begins like this:
"....pause... what are we doing this weekend?"
"uh I guess you are going hunting."

If u hunted the morning of ur wedding day, I did.

If you've called in sick to work and was really sick but managed to still sit in the blind with a 101 fever.
 He does it. Call in sick and decide to go hunting.

Your wife has to put Tinks 69 behind her ear to get your attention.

Your wife tells you she has no intentions of sleeping alone that night and you tell her to be sure and lock the door after he leaves.

the guy that taught me how to shoot a bow told his wife/ girlfriend at the time "honey if you dont mind being a widow from oct. to feb.i would love it if you would be my wife
If only I knew...

I took my bride to the deer lease for our honeymoon.
Uh no. Not Never.

If your EX-wife tells you she's leaving you if you head out hunting again, but you do anyway because the rut's on.

If your wife has to take birth control between January and April each year. My daughter was born in September- not a coincidence.
We've had the conversations.

If you've ever gone shopping for a new laptop to view game cam pics-with a deer carcass in the bed of your truck. (Did it Sunday night).
With the recent purchase of a church computer, we now have a laptop devoted purely to game cameras.

If you make your daughters name "Rae" which means deer ....

You tell your wife that the wedding day has to be planned around deer season...
That is why we got married in September. He had said, " Honey, I can miss one deer season. I'll miss it for you." ME in response: "It is not just ONE deer seasons. It is every deer season for the rest of our lives!"

You still carried a rifle with you on the day you took down all the stands and feeders "just in case

If you plan your work vacation schedule to coincide around opening days for deer bow, rifle, and muzzle loader season and your wife knows instinctively not to plan any big family events during those times.........
The reason we don't go on vacations because all his days are gone by the time vacation time rolls around.

You carpet and heat your blind so your wife can go with you and you won't feel guilty leaving her in the trailer while you hunt.
Now you stick a lazyboy, a book shelf and a craft box in that blind too and I might go with you as well.

Boys at the ranch this weekend, I hope you are being safe and having fun.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Words with Friends...

I'm really bad at this game. I just finished a game with my mom. She whooped me. This is inappropriate for young children but highly funny.

Look at this screen shot of my phone. View my last two letters. 
Sums up the score on that one. 

I thought about texting the picture to my mother, but somehow sending her a picture of the letters F and U in that formation didn't seem very respectful at the moment. It still doesn't now, but felt like the coincidence of the score and my last two letters was just too funny not to share. 

Second of all, I grilled. I am on a roll with this domestic wife thing. Not that I enjoy it or that is. I love being a wife. But once again I had to document it. I immediately texted my dad. I do that when I accomplish something great that he would be proud building something, grilling, cooking, climbing mount everest... you know the usual. 

It is like something off the Blue Mesa menu!

And to finish off, a little bragging. My cousin took family pictures of us at Christmas. Here are a few I just had to share! 

That's my family!! My brother Tanner, Mom, Dad and us! All together. Squeezed.
On one couch.

And for the prize: As I was looking at the final picture in this post, I thought to my self about all the pictures we have taken of our family and the cousins. So I researched. And the four cousins could have made our own akward family photo website. View these gems I found.

They begin with 1990ish.

And end... here. 

Consider yourselves lucky Kale and Gage (two new additions!) that you were not here to endure
those lovely pictures....and fashion.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hey Good Lookin...Whatcha Got Cookin?

3 Meals to be exact. That is what I've been cooking.

Until Will got hungry and took it over again.

Oh and Fried Ravioli, Fried Pickles, Poppyseed Chicken AND cookies for the youth Christmas party that I failed to document before they devoured it. It looked pretty good and was not burnt.

I did not set off any fire alarms, only had one major emotional breakdown during the chimichanga and all were edible. I got the recipes from pinterest...which brings me to another point.

This is a complete disappointment every time I go to my pinterest app. Anybody with me?

Which brings me to another thing...I semi decorated our house this year. It was actually kind of an embarassment to my college degree, but you gotta live on a budget people! Crafty Pinterest decorations take money too and I have been banned from Hobby Lobby (Maybe banned is a strong term, more like discouraged by the husband to ever drive by the craft store) and I refuse to go to Joanns. While I'm on the subject, Joanns is the new Hobby Lobby. Has anyone noticed this? When you used to go to Hobby Lobby there would be one line open and it would be a checker that was going at sloth, slower than sloth speed. You could be buying 1 marker and be in there two hours just waiting behind the old retired woman buying out the 80% off home decor aisle. I had a game in college that I would play called "Guess the fastest checker." Now I'm pretty sure that Hobby Lobby fired all of their sloths and sent them over to Joanns. In particular they all work in the fabric cutting desk. I digress. Back to Christmas, we were not going to be around at the house much at Christmas so we opted to not put up the Christmas tree. I just decorated the mantle with our stockings and used the hearth as the place for our presents. It was kinda cute. But when I was taking down the picture frames that normally inhabit the mantle...I found this hidden behind a framed engagement picture.

I once discussed this scooby doo snack situation before. I'm not sure who should be more embarassed. Will - who is eating scooby doo snacks and leaving a hansel and gretel trail. OR
Me - I haven't bought these in like two months. This means, it has been approx. 2 months since I have cleaned that area of the house. 

That is all I got. Happy 2012 friends.