Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raising Godly Children

Sunday. This Sunday. The day I actually woke up and pulled my self out of bed for the early service at 9:00. I walk in and find Will running around doing his ministerial duties. We walk in to church together, way after it has started, just in time for the sermon.

We stand at the back of the auditorium scanning a good place to sit that is both out of the way, easy to exit but also near the teens. We spot one and our path to our seats is inturrupted by one of our students handing us a bulletin, pointed to the sermon title and said, "Why don't ya'll work on that for me." I look down and the the sermon is:

Raising Godly Children. 

Go sit down dude.

Will finds two seats near the teens and sits down. I sit across the aisle to avoid any touching that may lead me to raising Godly children. But this action made a few women (the church secretary) ask me if we were mad at each other and/or separated. So to not create rumors I sat over next to my husband. The sermon started without delay and immediately I felt the secretary's eyes point toward me, then the couple to the back of us and then all the kids down the row. I lean over to Will and whisper in my quiet "during sermon voice" "I feel like all the eyes in this auditorium are glaring at me." "Whatever." Will said and as I look up there are two eyes that belong to the worship minister's wife staring straight into mine.

If she was a baby, that would have been the look. So I gave her this one back. 


Then I gave this look to my self...

On another note, Will's dad got married a couple of weekends ago, here's a picky from the evening. Bad pose but cool picture. The photographer was kind of in a hurry so we only got one pose. He took three pics and every time I kept blinking my eyes. I tried to tell him but he was like, "oh its fine." And then it turned out like this....I look drunk. We both do. We were not. Just for the record. Just bad blink timing...three tries in a row. 

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