Friday, November 15, 2013

Rookie Morris

So I'm pinteresting the other day and I came across this quote. I often search by the humor tab, quote tab or recently the kid tab. Gosh, I'm one of those. Shoot. I came across this picture:

Well ain't that the truth. Shoot again. I feel selfish. Hit me right in the heartburned heart please. So I saved it to my phone so that when I'm sitting at my desk at work stuffing my face with crackers and water no matter how sick I feel and disgusted at the thought of all food, looking in the mirror as I brush my teeth counting the growing number of pimples (oh sweet baby jesus the PIMPLES....I seriously look like a 16 year old boy) or throwing out cute clothes daily because they decided not to fit, or forfeiting the pizza at Pie Five because it will inevitably send shooting pains up my center that remind me I have been cursed with heartburn, I need to remember there is a little miracle in there just playing away. Well...Dang. 

We saw it moving Wednesday at the sonogram. It waved at me. Ok, probably not but I like to think it did. The doctor got real picture happy and sent us home with like 8 sonogram pictures. Our families are pretty stoked. Oh you want to know how we told our parents? Of course I'll tell you. AND show you pictures! I know, you've been waiting your whole life for this moment. dad is a fireman. That's ironically important. We took the little pee on a stick test and found out we were pregnant on September 9th. Will has a hard time keeping a secret and wanted to shout it to the world. I was just fine keeping it to ourselves for the next few days. The only problem was I couldn't talk to my parents or I would spill the beans! My silence was noticed and I knew that if I waited any longer my mom would be asking questions. Soooo, on September 11th, my dad was working at the station. We couldn't wait. Soooo, at church we made crafts to give to the first responders in honor of 9/11 so I texted my dad that we had some crafts could we come deliver them to the station around 8:30. "Sure" So then I called my mom. No answer and then texted and then called again. There has to be two parents there to tell the parents that you are going to be parents!! I persuaded my mom to meet me leave her friend's house and meet me at the station. I go to target and find something cute to get them to say "You are grandparents!" Nothing. So I finally decide I will get a white onesie and draw the station 7 (where my dad works) logo and motto on the front. Their motto is "Fully Involved." I know these things just happen! So I put Fully Involved, May 2014 and on the back wrote Rookie Morris. Cute. Now how do I give them this monumental gift. 

We go in my dad's office and Will shuts the door. They cut right to the chase and ask for the crafts. I, being of such social grace, practically just throw the onesie at them. They are quite confused as was I with my awkwardness in delivering this news. I mean this is a big deal and I do not do well with sharing momentous occasions or sharing life changing feelings with people. They were thrown off asking if it was socks? And then BOOM! Nope its a baby! WHAT?!?! Hugs, tears, suprised faces and hand shakes all around. My dad's face was the best. He was pretty excited, he went and showed the outfit off to all of his guys. It was a pretty good thing on such a crummy day in America! 

So one parent set down the next three to go. We called the out of town family and they screamed and cried and immediately made plans for Christmas gifts and birthdays! 

Will told alot of people and I told Christin. Then it was on to extended family. A few weeks later and a couple of dr appointments later just to make sure the little precious booger was still in there we decided it was a good time to tell close friends at church and then make a big announcement at the trunk or treat at halloween through our costume choice. Here's a story for the books....

So, we meet an older couple (who we consider like our church parents and mentors) at Chilis to tell them the news. Will splurts it out and we hug and cheer. Well the waitress comes by....let me stop and preface something...I am ironically a private person. Much more private than Will. I could go through this whole pregnancy and not care to tell a soul. I'm just not like that. WELLLLL AT CHILIS this happened..... The waitress comes by and Hank says that we are celebrating some fantastic news! 

Hank: They are going to have a baby! 
Waitress: That is awesome! Would you mind if I told my manager and she came a took a picture of your table? We love to show off times when we play and important part in people's lives. We take a picture and write your story down. We send it off to corporate and you will be in our monthly newsletter.

Uh come again. 

My college room mates on my group text don't even know and every Chili's employee is going to know this news? Uh what? 

So, they take our picture and write our names down. So if you work at Chilis look for my non make uped sick pregnant face in the monthly newsletter! 

I don't have a nice copy of the picture but I do have this one from Trunk or Treat! 

Cat is out of the bag. 
Took people a while but we were the talk of the trunk or treat. 

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